About Me


Logophile: noun. A lover of words.

I am a word geek. When I’m not writing words then I’m reading them.

Can’t find me at home? Check the library.

Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than helping a client make words work for their business.

I’ve worked as a PR professional and copywriter for 15 years, which means I bring practical experience to benefit your business.


I’m Erin Huckle, Word magician

Hi! I’m Erin Huckle, founder of Chuckle Communications. I’m a passionate copywriter and PR professional, and I get a genuine thrill from helping businesses to find the right words.

After an idyllic farm-girl childhood in regional NSW I’ve gone on to live in Canberra, Sydney, London and Nottingham, and am now lucky enough to call the beautiful city of Wollongong in Australia home.

As a mum of three very energetic boys and a small business owner, I understand the juggles which come with running a business, and pride myself on my time management skills and efficiency.

Chuckle is the result of my 15 years working in PR and communications roles, and my desire to be my own boss and work flexibly with clients who connect with my passions and ethos.

Let’s work together to communicate effectively with your audience, using the magic of words.


“Don’t be intimidated by the blank page in front of you. Let me help you find the right words, so you can focus on making your business work.”

My Skills

I write for small businesses, large companies, individuals and charities. From tourism brochures to tech articles, and from book blurbs to major event announcements, there’s not much I haven’t done when it comes to communications. Check out my pricing page to get an idea of pricing, and contact me if you’d like to find out more. 

Words make me happy.

Let’s work together to find the right ones.


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