Do you get tongue-tied when talking about yourself and your business?

Do you freeze with terror when someone asks you to write up a short business bio?

Do you cringe when you read the ‘About’ page on your own website? 

If you struggle when it comes to writing about your own business in a way that creates connection, you’re not alone. 

Can I let you in on a little secret? Even copywriters struggle to write their own ‘About’ pages. 

For some reason, I find it so much easier to write about other people’s businesses than my own. There’s something about having some distance – it gives you the perspective to see clearly what a business needs to be saying in order to tell their story properly.

So, where to start? Writing your ‘About’ page is an essential part of telling your businesses’ story – whether it’s on your own website, on a social network like LinkedIn, or on a business directory. 

If you do it well, it can help people to relate to, and connect with, you and your work, building trust in you as a reliable supplier. But done badly, and it can leave potential customers scratching their heads, and feeling frustrated at the lack of information about why they should choose you over your competitors. 

State the obvious

When writing an ‘About’ – whether it’s for you personally, or for your business – remember to state the obvious. 

All too often I see ‘About’ pages which assume the reader knows more than they do. Don’t expect readers will know who you are, what you do and how you’ve reached this point in your business journey. 

It’s always important to spell out what you do and why you should be trusted – whether that’s stating clearly the number of years of experience you have under your belt, the key training you’ve undertaken, the number of happy customers you’ve helped over the years, or the areas of expertise you’ve developed. 

TOP TIP: Try to avoid using jargon or acronyms – be clear in your writing, and spell things out as if your reader knows nothing about you and your business.

Blow your own trumpet

Although it can feel a bit tricky sometimes to talk about your own achievements and success, it’s important you’re not shy when it comes to your ‘About’ page. 

Have you won awards? Worked on high-profile projects? Received praise for your service or products? 

Now’s the time to talk about your happy customers and great reputation – give a few solid examples of work you’ve done well, and then direct them to further evidence if you have it – for example, check out our five-star reviews on Trip Advisor or hear from happy customers on our ‘testimonials’ page.

TOP TIP: Include a few specific examples of projects you’re proud of or happy customers, but don’t go overboard – you don’t need to list every review you’ve ever received, just point them to where they can find further evidence of your awesomeness.

Make it about them

About them? But I thought it was about me? Well, it is, but it’s also about your readers and potential customers. 

Your ‘About’ page needs to connect with people by talking about how you can solve a problem for them, or improve their life in some way – whether that’s by providing ease through the products you sell, or improving their business through your effective service. 

If you want to keep your audience interested in what you’re saying, you need to relate it to them, and how you can help.

No-one wants to be stuck at a party talking to someone who only talks about themselves.  Take the opportunity on your ‘About’ page to open a conversation, ask questions, and offer solutions. 

A cracking ‘About’ page can capture attention, and open the door for someone to find out more. 

Up close and personal 

Gone are the days of corporate-speak and dry, inaccessible business websites (or so we hope). These days, customers want to find out a little about the real you and make a human connection. 

Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your ‘About’ page copy – whether it’s an honest account of the struggles you’ve overcome to get here, sharing a personal pastime or interest, or revealing an unexpected fact about yourself, you can use your ‘About’ page to create human interest in yourself and your business.

Now’s the time to take a fresh look at your ‘About’ page – is it really doing you and your business justice? 

Put yourself on a pedestal, and start shouting about your super impressive achievements. If you’re not going to do it, then who is?

Want help with your business ‘About’ pages, a LinkedIn profile or business profile? Get in touch to find out how I can help you write an awesome ‘About’ page. 

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