Not sure what a copywriter is, or how they can help your business? 

Good copywriting can elevate your business. It brings clarity to your communications, and as I explain below, can build loyalty among your audience. 

First things first – what exactly IS a copywriter? Well, we have nothing to do with copyright – that’s a legal term. Put simply, we write copy (AKA words) for business. Any writing you need for your business can be done by a copywriter. 

Working with a copywriter is the ideal way to shift some of those ‘to do’ items off your list – and you’ll get quality content as a result. 

Here are nine ways a copywriter can help your business.  

  1. Create or update your website words 

Updating the copy on your website is the equivalent of spring-cleaning your shopfront. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking once their website is live, it’s done. It should be a continual work in progress to reflect your business and its achievements. Content updates can reflect your changes in business (think businesses who’ve changed the way they operate due to COVID for example), spruik new services, or even be a chance to refresh your website to make it more SEO friendly and keep the Google beast happy.

Building a website from scratch? Even better. This is the ideal time to get a copywriter on board. They can help craft your words, incorporate SEO into the copy, and also advise on the best layout of your pages for the content to flow well. Some copywriters (me included) will also be able to project manage, and recommend trusted web-developers and designers, taking the hassle out of the job.  

  1. Boosting your blog 

Have you got a blog page on your website in need of love and attention? Or perhaps you don’t have one yet, but know a blog could really help build your web presence and create great content to share. 

We copywriters LOVE writing blogs, and we know how to use a well-crafted blog post to boost your SEO rankings. Not only are blogs great for Google, they’re also a chance to share your knowledge, build the loyalty of your customers, and answer common questions you might hear from your audience. Plus, they’re fantastic for sharing on your social feeds. 

Whether you’ve got some drafts which need a polish or are starting from scratch and can’t think of a topic to write about, a copywriter can help.

  1. Sharing your customer successes

Got some great customer stories to share? Case studies, or (as I like to call them), customer success stories, are a fantastic way to showcase your services. Not only are they shareable content, they’re also a way of educating your audience about the work you do. Plus, your customer will love being featured, as it’s a nice bit of extra promotion for them. 

Done right, a quality customer success story becomes an evergreen piece of content. It’s something you can share with potential new clients, and is a way of positioning yourself as a leader within your industry. 

Getting customer success stories doesn’t have to be hard either. Your copywriter can interview your customer and your own team to gather the information they need to make it super-easy for everyone involved. 

  1. Getting your news out

Got something new to share such as a new product or service, some compelling research results, a new team member or you’re about to launch a new event? A well-written press release is the ideal way to get your news out into the world. 

A copywriter with a PR focus (like me!) can not only write your engaging press release, they can also identify media targets and can send it out and pitch it to the relevant places. 

The result? Your news may be featured in the publications your customers read, raising the profile of your business and building your reputation as a high-achieving company. 

  1. Sending emails that people want to read 

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools out there for engaging with customers. But once you’ve got a solid list of email sign-ups on your list, engaging with them via email can be pretty nerve-wracking. 

A good copywriter will be able to write the kinds of emails your customers ACTUALLY want to read. This will create an ongoing conversation with your customers with emails which can inform, entertain, and build loyalty. 

Whether it’s an email sequence to welcome new customers, a regular newsletter to your wider team, or an ongoing strategy to keep existing sign-ups interested, your copywriter can help. 

  1. You can be a winner

Are you and your team ready to win? There’s a plethora of award programs out there but identifying a category to enter is only the first step. 

A well-written award entry can be the difference between standing out as a winner or languishing in the slush pile. 

Your copywriter can work with you to source the information they need to answer the questions in the award entry form, identify holes where you need to source more information, and help you craft your business success into an entry that really stands out. Plus, it’s often tricky to blow your own trumpet and write about why you’re ace – as you’ll see in the next item on our list… 

  1. Getting your ‘About’ on point 

Struggling to write about yourself or your business? We’ve all been there! Even copywriters can struggle to write about themselves. For some reason, it’s always easier to write objectively about someone else. 

Working with a copywriter is a great way to distil the essence of your business into an ‘About’ page which is compelling and engaging. A good ‘About’ page is key to convincing a new client or customer to buy from you, and a bad ‘About’ page is a sure-fire way to turn people off. 

Copywriters are also excellent at writing LinkedIn profiles which tick all the right boxes, or succinct business profiles which you can share across your networks. 

  1. Content for socials 

Speaking of LinkedIn, social media is another place where copywriters can help you shine. 

Whether you need help with captions for your Instagram, freshening up your Facebook feed, or a full calendar planned out for the next six months, a skilled copywriter can help you craft content which grabs the attention of your followers and builds their affection for your brand. 

  1. Polishing your publications 

Want your marketing materials to get a gold star? Copywriters can write words for your brochures and flyers, marketing materials, newsletters… anything with words on it is where a copywriter can add value. 

We’re also great at writing in-depth publications such as annual reports, grant applications, capability statements and proposals. 

So next time you’re stuck for words – call a copywriter. We don’t wear shiny tights or bright red capes, but we’re super when it comes to writing the right words for your business. 

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