Not sure what a copywriter is or even if you need one? Scratching your head about PR and what it can do for your business? Read on to find the answers to your questions. If you can’t find the answer you need below, get in touch.

What is a copywriter and how can you help my business?

Copywriting is professional writing to promote your business. Whether you need words for a brochure, website, press release, e-newsletter, blog article, Facebook post or LinkedIn bio, I can write them. I’ve also got a wealth of experience in getting traction from those words – using PR to help your words reach your customers. Great copy can boost your profile, inspire your audience and convert fans into customers. 

How much does it cost?

Prices vary from project to project – some pieces of work might only take a couple of hours, while others will be a number of weeks. Check out my pricing page to get an idea of costs for some of the basic services. I’ll provide a tailored quote to suit your needs. My pricing is great value and informed by industry standards.  

What's involved in the process?

Initially I offer a no-obligation chat, where we can discuss your needs, what you’re looking for and how I can best help. I’ll then put together a proposal outlining the scope of work and proposed fees. Once this has been signed-off by you, I’ll send you a briefing document to gather the information I need. Things like who is your audience, what kind of tone of voice do you want, who are your competitors, and what is the purpose of the project. This will then inform the work I do. I’ll provide you with sample copy for initial approval – once you’re happy with this I’ll then submit a full copy deck with the words you need, and how to use them. For PR projects it’s a similar process, where I’ll also outline media targets, timings, pitches and opportunities. 


Do we need to meet in person?

No. If you’re based locally in the Illawarra then I’m happy to meet for an initial chat, but many of my clients I’ve only ever met via phone, email and video call! 

Where are you based? Do you only work with local businesses?

I’m based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. I work with clients across the country though – geography isn’t an obstacle. Even if you’re overseas it’s not a problem, I’ve had plenty of experience in negotiating timezones and delivering for international clients in the past. 

How long will it take?

Timings vary, but most projects take around two weeks from start to finish. I will give you a timeline in my initial proposal, and will keep you up to date on progress along the way. 

When can you start?

Usually within the next two weeks, unless I’m fully booked. I’ll also be honest and realistic with you about my availability. If your project is urgent and I’m not available, I can always refer you to one of my trusted peers with a similar set of skills. 

Do you also do design, website development, photography?

No, but I know plenty of fantastic businesses who do! I’m always happy to share my recommendations so that you’re in safe hands. 

Do you write for my industry?

In my career I’ve written great copy for a broad range of industries – from beauty products to conference venues and from book publishing to lighting design. Even if I’m not familiar with your industry, I know how to ask the right questions in order to write with authority. One of the best bits about my job is learning about new businesses and industries. 

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