Woman running

My pulse was racing, heart thumping, breath heaving. Enough. I collapsed exhausted. Had I just run a 10km race? Nope. I’d spent half an hour scrolling Instagram.

Not sure about you, but sometimes a trip into the social media vortex can feel utterly exhausting. Just when I’m feeling good about myself, my business and my ambition, I pop onto Instagram (Facebook/Twitter/etc) for a specific reason and find I’m falling down the rabbit hole.

It’s often been said that comparison is the thief of joy, and in these times it can certainly feel that way. The internet in all its cleverness targets me with sponsored posts from business coaches and experts who promise to change my social media profile/increase my mailing database/help me become a YouTube sensation. My heard starts spinning and I begin to doubt myself.

And it’s not just me. Many of my friends and colleagues have said the same – if you believe the social media hype, then it’s easy to spiral into negative thinking and feelings of overwhelm.

A wise friend who runs her own successful business (IME Natural Perfume – check it out!) reminded me yesterday to run my own race. Take things slowly. One step at a time.

As a small business owner and a human, it pays to remember this advice. We really only can do what we can do, and no-one else is keeping tabs on our every move or running through a check-list of what we didn’t achieve on a certain day. Instead they’re probably in awe of what you’ve achieved so far, and impressed with your professionalism and bravery in going into business for yourself.

So take my advice and get some perspective. The you from 10 years ago is probably cheering at how far you’ve come. Run your own race. And if you really want to run a race, running is something I do in my spare time. For fun. Gasp. But more about that another day.

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